International Initiatives

International Initiative
IF-MC-CA-DI’S International Initiative was launched with the reconfiguration of this web site. The goal of this initiative is to strengthen the relationship between the United States and Latin America. The initiative will supports IF-MC-CA-DI’s mission and involves all of its operational divisions.
The project will focus on improving the relations between individuals and groups in civil societies in the regions involved; in particular the cultural, social, economic and political entrepreneurs, activists and scholars seeking to play a leadership role in development. It is based on the fact that the relations between the countries in the South an the United States in the North are weak and on the belief that the best way to improve the situation is to strengthen the relationships between individuals and groups at the level of civil society.
Operationally, the initiative will be launched with the production and broadcasting web cast of two promotional videos; one on IF-MC-CA-DI and the other on The 50-50 show.
This will be followed by the production of a series of videos on migration, health, education, enterprise and entrepreneurs, technology, the media, culture, religion and sports in the various cultural and transnational communities in selected countries.
Parallel to this will be the planning for implementation in the fall of 2007, of an Entrepreneurs’ Conference, a Concert and Cultural Ambassadors Award program at the United Nations.
As part of our cultural travel program, we plan to visit Puerto Rico, Cuba and the Dominican Republic in the Summer of 2007.
To support this initiative, IF-MC-CA-DI will:

  • Produce reports and videos on the various cultural communities.
  • Establish a chat room to stimulate a dialogue on relationships between the countries involved.
  • Post summaries of studies about life in the area’s cultural communities.