Mission & Strategies

Mission Statement
IF-MC-CA-DI’s mission is to facilitate cooperation, trade, integration and development among and between the different cultural communities in the world, as it promotes tolerance, peace, social justice and democracy within each of them.

To advance this mission, IF-MC-CA-DI:

  • Shows community members that greater developmental opportunities and benefits are possible for individuals and groups when they are part of larger, more diverse, more democratic and more integrated multicultural communities, which they can help build.
  • Helps individuals and groups understand, and respect cultural differences, as it involves them in cross-cultural partnerships, joint ventures and other projects.
  • Creates, develops and helps implement programs and projects involving multicultural workforces, led by economic, social, cultural and political entrepreneurs operating in the emerging social sector, where both nonprofit and for- profit enterprises, often in partnership, seek to meet socioeconomic goals and objectives to sustain themselves.
  • Educates, demonstrates, communicates and interacts with members of the various communities through events, networking and telecommunications technology.
  • Maintains an ongoing dialogue with the public about the value of respecting diversity while bridging cultural divides.

Organizational Strategies
IF-MC-CA-DI’s principal community development strategy is to use telecommunication technologies and the knowledge of diverse cultures to foster the inter-group cooperation and collaboration required to successfully implement projects which can help to (a) increase the productive and distributional capacity of the various communities, (b) nurture their cultural and socioeconomic strength, and (c) contribute to the development of the broader societies.

Strategic Long Term Goals
IF-MC-CA-DI’s long-term goal is to develop, refine and apply a technology that will help bridge divides between the different cultural communities.

Current Focus
IF-MC-CA-DI is currently focused on promoting, cooperation, trade, integration and development among and between economic, social, cultural and political entrepreneurs in the Caribbean, Central America, South America, North America, and in the expanding transnational communities in these regions.