IF-MC-CA-DI operates through four divisions whose present focus is summarized below.

Multicultural Arts and Music Institute (MAMI)

The Multicultural Arts and Music Institute ( MAMI ) produces concerts and other cultural events. MAMI provides free or low cost entertainment and cultural education to low and moderate income individuals and the general public. MAMI collaborates with partners to produce multicultural events and to advance the economic development of individual artists and groups, in the music, arts, media and entertainment industries.

Multicultural Enterprise Institute (MEI)
The Multicultural Enterprise Institute (MEI) facilitates the economic development and growth of enterprises in the various communities. MEI promotes the formation of partnerships, joint ventures and strategic alliances among the entrepreneurs and business owners servicing the growing markets in the African-American, Asian-American and Latino communities in the United States and in the expanding transnational communities. MEI works with others to link small businesses to larger ones and to fight discrimination in industry and commerce. MEI provides education and information through live presentations, video conferences and communications over the internet.

Multicultural Communications Network (MCN)
The Multicultural Communications Network (MCN) is the technical production and communications arm of the IF-MC-CA-DI network. It produces videos, video conferences, internet communications and manages the IF-MC-CA-DI web site. MCN involves academics, community leaders, business owners, government administrators and other professional as conference panelists and as guest on The 50-50 Show, which it produces for IF-MC-CA-DI.

The 50-50 Show (www.50-50.tv)

The 50-50 Show is a multicultural and multilingual one half hour weekly magazine show aired over public access television channels and web cast over the internet. 50-50’s aim is to facilitate the understanding of the different cultural communities in the world, to stimulate a dialogue on the need and value of diversity at the local and global level and to promote integration and democracy. It explores different issues affecting life in the various national and transnational communities and shows the roles of the United Nations, the Permanent U.N Missions, and the affiliated non-government organizations (NGO’s ) in solving problems among and between the various cultural communities in the nations of the world.

Multicultural Research and Development Institute (MRDI)
The Multicultural Research and Development Institute (MRDI), is the research and development arm of IF-MC-CA-DI. MRDI is developing a new international initiative to stimulate a dialogue between students, educators, observers and practitioners of foreign policy and international relations. MRDI will publish on the Internet summaries of socioeconomic, political or cultural studies by those who are working in these fields. Since its current focus is Latin America and its relationships with the U.S., it will accept and post summaries in both Spanish and English. To educate and inform wider audiences, MRDI is exploring the feasibility of producing videos based on these summaries.