About Us

Background & History
Incorporated under the Laws of New York State as a Local Development Corporation in 1989, the Institute for Multicultural Communications, Cooperation and Development, Inc (IF-MC-CA-DI), is a 501c3 nonprofit, non government organization (NGO) affiliated with the United Nations. IF-MC-CA-DI works to bridge cultural divides among and between communities. IF-MC-CA-DI leads a multicultural and multilingual network and operates at the different levels and in the various sectors of civil societies.
IF-MC-CA-DI was founded and is led by Ismael Betancourt Jr., President and CEO.
Ismael Betancourt, Jr. has over 45 years of management and management consulting experience in the public and private sectors. This experience has involved the discharging of responsibilities associated with the roles of entrepreneur, administrator, educator, video producer and television show host. Betancourt has also been an advisor to business, government agencies, community organizations and public and private partnerships. He has also been active in public affairs and politics.
Ismael Betancourt Jr. received his B.S. from Columbia University, his MBA from the Harvard University Graduate School of Business and his MA in Political Science from the Graduate Center of the City University of New York.

Record of Accomplishments
IF-MC-CA-DI has made a significant contribution to the New York City economy. The many concerts, festivals, conferences and other events that IF-MC-CA-DI has produced over the years, have (a) created many jobs for artists, musicians, technical personnel, other professionals, (b) provided contracts for small, mid-size and large businesses in the print, advertising, media, transportation and catering industries, (c) provided income to non-profit cultural and entertainment venue operators. It has produced local and international video conferences on topics such as leadership, the digital divide, discrimination in film, television and radio and print media.



Organization in Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic
and Social Council (ECOSOC)