50-50 Show

The 50-50 Show is a multicultural and multilingual one half hour weekly magazine show aired over public access television channels and web cast over the internet from http://www.50-50.tv
The 50-50 show aims to facilitate the understanding of the different cultural communities in the world; to stimulate a dialogue on the need and value of diversity at the local and global level; and, to promote cooperation, trade, social interaction, integration and democracy among individual and groups in civil society.
50-50 explores different issues affecting life in the various national and transnational communities and shows the roles played by the United Nations, the Permanent U. N. Missions, and the affiliated non-government organizations (NGO’s) in solving problems among and between the various cultural communities in the nations of the world.
50-50 encourages community participation, answers questions, offers information and practical advice on the day to day problems faced by individuals in the various cultural communities, and shows the contributions to the life and economy of the community made by community members.
50-50 maintains and interactive web site and manages a chat room, where viewers can express their opinion on issues and share information, problems and solutions with others.